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Quality Custom Tools that are Guaranteed to Last

As an organization, Sudorf Tools specializes in the design and production of innovative garage tools based around customer specifications. We take a great deal of pride in the tools we produce and take every step to ensure that the finished product is of outstanding quality and fit-for-purpose; from meticulous attention to planning and design to scrupulous testing. Moreover, we strive to cement our products as cutting edge and renowned for offering significant benefits to end users.

We invest a copious amount of attention, time and resources into ensuring that our products are optimal so we are therefore more than confident in the quality and effectiveness of every tool we produce. It should therefore come as no surprise that each and every one of our departments are committed to repair and, if necessary, replace, every bespoke tool they create. We stand by each and every one of our products 100% and as a result our customers can have complete confidence that each and every Sudorf product is designed to be fit-for-purpose, high quality and guaranteed to last a life time.

Cutting Edge Custom Tools

Since its inception, Sudorf Tools has worked on the development of a number of unique and cutting edge tools, each developed with a particular client and purpose in mind. Consequently we have built up an extensive portfolio of tools and equipment which may be transferable to other situations or clients. Thus, if you contact us regarding a problem we have already faced, or request a tool we have previously developed, then we may be able to offer you a solution immediately. However, we do not offer our bespoke tool line ?off-the-shelf?, due to a number of reasons. Firstly, we want to make sure that you get the right tool for your problem scenario. in addition, we believe it is important to explain the design and development process, as well as how to effectively use the tool.

Furthermore, due to the distinct nature of our tools we must protect our intellectual integrity and ensure that rival firms are not able to access our tool designs, so as to prevent them from plagiarizing our products. Nevertheless, whilst our tools are not readily available off-the-shelf, they are available to preceding clients who communicate the need for an identical tool. To allow for this, we ensure that all of our trained sales advisers are kept up to date with what bespoke tools have been developed and are in circulation; enabling them to inform whether a proposed solution is one previously encountered.

A Little About our Skilled Sudorf Advisers

Our sales advisers therefore play a pivotal role in the smooth running of our overall bespoke service; acting as catalyst to allow for effective client involvement. Our advisers are skilled and knowledgeable in all of our products and processes, and their sole concern is to ensure that all of the distinct customer needs are gathered effectively, and subsequently met with the supplied tool. Whilst the close involvement of a Sudorf Tools representative might be quite intensive, it is important to ensure that the necessary requirements for development are correctly gathered. This is due to the fact that our advisers are highly skilled and experienced and can work with the customer to determine what realistic tool they are looking to have made. Moreover, Our advisers can demonstrate similar tools and convey an accurate idea of the service process and of the finished tool, which helps to further refine requirements and cement future procedures.

The development of a close relationship with our clients has a number of other distinct advantages. Most notably it provides existing clients with a direct port of contact, with whom they already have comfortable experience with. This helps to streamline future recurring business through the same client. In addition, it allows our representatives to contact clients in relation to new tools relevant to them and their business, tools which may further help to improve their overall business efficiency. Our proximity service delivery structure therefore helps to strengthen the service we provide and improves the overall experience of the customer, prompting repeat business through the quality of our service and the product we produce.

How the Bespoke Tool Process Works…

If your problem is one we have not previously encountered, then we will work towards an optimal solution. To ensure that the solution obtained is the correct one and delivers the desired benefits we involve the client throughout the process. All of our departments follow a defined and entrenched delivery process which focuses on involving the client to an appropriate degree. Initially the process starts with the client proposing a problematic scenario or requesting a tool via a proposal. From there our staff will work hard to solicit the precise requirements of the client in order to form a baseline from which a design can be established. Once a design has been refined it will then go into development and a number of prototypes will be made. These prototypes will then be vigorously tested in order to validate their usage. Throughout the design and development stages the client is involved to ensure that the process is on the right course. Finally, once a refined prototype has been developed and confirmation is received from the client as to its appropriateness, the tool will be developed in desired quantity before being delivered by one of our representatives who will demonstrate and discuss the final product.


If you are interested in our bespoke tool service and would like to find out more. Please use the contact form located here and select your constituent department.

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