About Us

The Sudorf Brand

Sudorf Tools is a leading supplier of specialized tools and garage equipment throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Our long standing success is built upon our commitment to adhere to the stringent and high quality standards set by German engineering. For many decades, German engineering has been heralded as a bench mark in terms of quality and efficiency standards; brandFeatured_sudorfLogo German brands champion various engineering industries such as the automotive industry. As a brand Sudorf is synonymous with the level of quality established by German engineering, however, as an organization, we aim to surpass these high standards by providing pioneering garage tools.

Our Philosophy

At the forefront of our Germanic philosophy is our bespoke tool design service, which serves to provide high quality and effective custom tools for our customers in order to simplify their more taxing and time consuming tasks, which implicitly boosts their productivity and efficiency. In the domain of this design service Sudorf competes on the strong basis of flexibility and product quality. We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that the tooling needs of the customer are fully met, and that the finished product is of the utmost quality and performance. It is no surprise therefore that individuals and their specific needs are the driving force behind our very special and intimate bespoke tool service. At Sudorf Tools we work hard to properly solicit the needs and requirements of our clients before using the gathered information to develop and source new products which subsequently meet these derived needs.

This owness on placing the needs of the customer before all else is greatly supported by our face to face proximity distribution methodology. Each and every Sudorf Tools department operate via an intimate proximity service which helps to ensure that our service is always tailored to the distinct needs of the end user. By ensuring that all or clients are allocated and get to meet one of our trained and experienced sales representatives enable our clients to more fully reap the rewards of our accumulated knowledge and expertise. More importantly it better allows our staff to gather the equipment requirements of the client by streamlining communication channels.

Specialized Services

Ultimately, our proximity service therefore helps to guarantee that the needs of the end user are central to every decision made at each stage of the design process. bespoketoolsblueprint This subsequently goes great lengths to ensure that the end product is of optimal benefit to the customer, and it is this quality of service and finished product which has driven the long standing success enjoyed by Sudorf. To find out more contextual information about our bespoke tool service please visit the Services page. Alternatively, why not get in contact with your nearest Sudorf department by completing the contact form located here, and selecting your nearest Sudorf department.

Whats Next…

As a company, Sudorf Tools has enjoyed strong and steady growth since its genesis. However, in more recent years our extensive market knowledge and continued commitment to German engineering quality tools and hands on contact with end users has driven this growth rate through the roof. Our client base, across all of our global departments, has risen exponentially and continues to rise as word of our quality tools and effective service spreads throughout the globe and we become more widely renowned.

As a company we have become increasingly synonymous with the characteristics of innovation and specialization which lends precedence to the quality and success of our bespoke tool service and its promise to provide customers with unique and specialized tools. Despite our existing success, we are motivated to do even better and further surpass our competition and our own performance. Furthermore, we aim to take the bench mark of German engineering quality to new heights by delivering superior garage equipment and high performance tools through our friendly and supportive service arm.

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